Hypnotherapy to Improve Confidence and Self Esteem

If you have little confidence and low self esteem you may not be living fulfilling and happy life that you deserve. You are also not alone as many people suffer with this problem. Self esteem simply put means how much you value and like you. Low confidence and self esteem can cause many problems in life that can be corrected when you start to value and like you.

Do You Have Low Self Esteem?

Do you feel worthless and not deserving of happiness? Do you feel that you that the best jobs, lasting and loving relationships only to happen for the ‘lucky’ few? Do you feel you never have such luck?
Are you anxious about what others think of you?
Do you continue to stay in unhappy relationships or continue to attract destructive relationships?
Do you put off doing things because you fear failure or are afraid you won’t do things perfectly?
Do you dismiss compliments?
Are you unhappy with the way your body is and how you look physically?
Do you feel uncomfortable and self conscious when with a group of people?
Do you make excuses when you receive invitations because you have to meet in public places?
Do you set yourself unrealistic goals to try and be perfect?
Do you feel depressed?
Do you feel devastated if criticised?

What Causes Low Self Esteem?

Receiving criticism as a child – even the most loving parents can sometimes make mistakes. Some parents can be too critical and only give praise when you have achieved something, instead of giving praise for being you. This can leave you feeling that you are worthless and are never good enough. You may have only felt loved when you achieved something.
Standards set are too high – us humans are not perfect. If you set standards which requires perfection you set yourself up to fail and put yourself under immense pressure. Then you start to believe you are a failure.

Set backs in adult life – divorce, redundancy, financial problems can all contribute towards low self esteem.

Abusive relationships – if you are constantly bullied physically or verbally you may start to believe your abuser. Many people with low self esteem only attract this type of relationship.

Physical appearance – if you have been unhappy with your appearance and have also failed to make changes you may believe you can only love yourself when you achieve your ideal body image. There is more to love about somebody than just image.

Tips to Help Boost Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Change your internal dialogue – notice how you speak to yourself. Are you kind or negative? Do you say things to yourself that you would not dream of saying to anyone else? Be kind to you and only speak to yourself in a kind and positive manner.
  • Forgive yourself for any mistakes – none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Your mistakes are not all of who you are. Remember that you are a great person and do great things everyday by being you. Recognise and praise that part of you. Learn from mistakes and move on. You will only feel worse if you continue to berate yourself.
  • Physical appearance – avoid comparing yourself to others and remember where your strengths lie.
  • Set realistic and flexible expectations – when you set unrealistic goals you immediately put yourself under unnecessary pressure. When goals are rigid and only have one outcome you set yourself up for failure.
  • Listen to criticism – then BALANCE it. Remember the criticism is only another persons opinion. Genuinely listen, decide if you agree and take the learning or whether you want to ‘bin’ it. BALANCE with what you have done well and then move on.
  • Be proud of your own personal accomplishments and don’t compare to others and their accomplishments. This is your life and you don’t need to be in competition with others.
Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Can Really Help 
I have helped many people improve their lives and achieve their goals and aspirations by increasing self esteem and confidence using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy, and in particular cognitive behavioural therapy, helps highlight negative, irrational thoughts that can be replaced by positive rational thoughts and this can be strengthened using hypnosis so these new thoughts can be embedded in the unconscious mind. Call now for your FREE consultation on 07715 770696.