Hypnotherapy to Reduce Pain 

Pain is essential to our survival and it is one of the body’s ways of telling us something is wrong and we need to take action. It is essential that a medical diagnosis has been sought first and foremost.

Pain happens as messages are sent via the nervous system, to the brain which then tells us that we are feeling it, hypnotherapy works by teaching the brain how to stop interpreting these signals and telling our body to react accordingly and therefore alters our perception of the pain. Its aim is to give control of the pain back to the person, instead of the pain being the controlling issue, with the hope of encouraging a more positive approach to pain management. It can help you improve your confidence and belief in being able to deal with pain.

Acute, chronic and unknown pain is often accompanied by anxiety which can increase the intensity of the pain. Anxiety increases inner tension in the muscles and therefore increases pain. It can also weaken the immune system. Hypnotherapy can help reduce the level of anxiety and therefore the pain.