About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis enables the client to achieve a profound state of deep relaxation where by mental stress and bodily tension is reduced and the client enters a trance state. Trance states are natural and we all enter trance states such as day dreaming. In this relaxed state, the conscious mind is suppressed and the unconscious mind is revealed. It is the unconscious mind that needs to change for lasting results to occur. 

The Unconscious Mind

Think of the unconscious mind as the storage room of everything that is currently not in your conscious mind; it stores all your previous life experiences, your belief system, your memories, your skills, all situations you've been through, and all images you've ever seen. The best way to understand the unconscious mind is through the example of learning to drive. When you first learn how to drive, you wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with anyone while driving as he would be focusing on the different moves involved; that's because you are still using your conscious mind to drive. 

A few months later, the driving process starts to become automatic without having to do any thinking. You drive on autopilot. The information and skills you need to drive is now in the unconscious mind.

Just like your body has got its defences against physical wounds and injuries, your unconscious mind has got its defences against emotional shocks and wounds. These are called unconscious defence mechanisms. The unconscious defence mechanisms' main function is to protect your well-being and to help you overcome emotional shocks. This means that it represses traumatic memories with unresolved negative emotions and in the short term this protects us because at the time it was too painful to deal with. Longer term these unresolved issues start to surface as anxiety, depression and other emotional problems. Unresolved issues and emotions can affect behaviour now and take form of destructive, habitual or addictive behaviours. Until these emotions and issues are processed and healed we tend to repeat these behaviours unconsciously, this is why you see people attract the same damaging relationships over and over, attract angry situations or continue to overeat, smoke, or have problems with drugs, alcohol etc. We also store beliefs about ourselves, and situations in our unconscious mind. Again, these beliefs may be extremely unhelpful. If you received little encouragement or praise growing up you may have low self esteem, low confidence and try really hard to please everyone. 

What you think and believe your unconscious mind will produce, if you plant weeds you will get weeds, if you plant fruit, you will get fruit. Most of us have good and bad seeds and that is why sometimes our unconscious mind power will manifest failure, ill health and all kinds of misfortunes just as effortlessly as it will manifest happiness and abundance. If the bad seeds are identified and changed or modified you and your unconscious mind has the power to have a wonderful life.

The therapist will then use suggestions that will filter out negative emotions, events and beliefs that are causing problems now. It is possible for people to recall unknown traumatic events while under hypnosis, and the client and therapist work together to process the emotions in a variety of ways. Just a release can be healing. It is also possible for negative, unhelpful beliefs and habits to be replaced with positive ones so behaviour can change. 

Hypnosis is safe, relaxing and effective.
You cannot get stuck in hypnosis.
You are safe, aware and in control.
It is totally possible to learn to hypnotise yourself.


About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to produce positive results. Psychotherapy can help solve a variety of mental and emotional problems. It can you solve problems, achieve goals and help people live a happy and fulfilling life. Hypno-psychotherapy recognises there are many different approaches to how the mind works. As stated above you can be driven by your unconscious mind. You can also be driven by the way you think. These thoughts can influence our emotions and behaviour. These thoughts accumulate as a result of past experiences and interaction with others. These thoughts tend to be unconscious, which means you are not always aware of them. Many of these thoughts can be unhelpful and destructive.

Nicky can help explore past experiences and unhelpful thoughts that are identified and worked through in a variety of different ways which brings about positive change. 

Nicky works integratively and therefore uses a range of approaches. Nicky is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Gestalt, and Behavioural approaches. Nicky also uses motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy which is particularly useful in treating people with addictions. 

Neuro-Linquistic Programming

NLP techniques work by changing thought processes, changing the way you relate to life events so you can behave in a way which supports achieving the results you want.

To make long term positive changes to your life email ask@hypnocounsellingsurrey.co.uk  or call Nicky on 01276 676690 or 07715 770696 to make an appointment and receive your first session free.